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New Zealand

Maori Gods are Europeans.

European men would be 5'6- 9 feet
woman 5'0- 7'2

Maori with out European blood would be under 5'10 feet.

Europeans gave them dogs, and tools plus weapons

with viking like ships

and celtic tattoos

Europeans were first in New Zealand

White History

Egypt red/blondes
New Zealand
North America

An ancient Japanese legend has it that the Japanese people are descended from a blonde haired blue eyed race that came from the stars,a legend remarkably similar to the doctrines that percolated in the secret societies that fostered and mid-wifed the Nazi Party into existence in Germany between the World Wars. Nor did this legend play a small part in the history of World War Two, for it was partly because of its mere existence that Hitler could proclaim the Japanese "honorary Aryans" and conclude the incorporation of Japan

Hel and Venus

In ancient Persian beliefs, ‘North’ or “Apakhtar” is the headquarter of Ahriman (Satan), the dwelling place of div-s (demons) and Giants at the entrance way to Hell.

In Norse mythology, Hel, the location, shares a name with Hel, a female figure associated with the location.

LUCIFERIANS or Venusians- Tall Aryan Aliens

Lucifer was tall, blonde, green/blue eyed, and maybe the father of Hel.

In Latin, the word "Lucifer", meaning "Light-Bringer" (from lux, lucis, "light", and ferre, "to bear, bring"), is a name for the "Morning Star" (the planet Venus in its dawn appearances)

Nordic aliens form a notable part of UFO/abduction belief and the contactee movement in European and Latin American nations, but are not commonly found in accounts from the US.[2][3] Owing to the writings of self-professed Ufologist and contactee Billy Meier, they are sometimes known as Pleiadeans or Errans, and are said to be from the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus,[4] although they have been known by other names, and were originally said to come from Venus or other planets within the Solar System because of the claims of George Adamski.

North America

The Native American people speck of a pale one that walks with wolves and Bears, he had a pet eagle. 3 animal symbols of the White race: Example- Bear= King Arthur was nicknamed Bear. - Wolves= Odin had pet Wolves Eagle= Well this has been used in Germany for Years and as you know Hitler also used it. The Pale One had Forrest eyes(green)and Sun hair(red or blonde) .................................................. .............................................. "The Pale One", or "Keeper of the Mysteries" was a great teacher whose name is spoken only in ceremonies. When the people had forgotten their original instructions, neglected their spiritual duties, and become warlike, the Pale One came to rekindle the sacred wisdom fire. Born in a miraculous manner, his body emitted great light; He appeared in many places at once and he spoke the language of all creatures. The teachings of the Pale One flourished throughout the Americas."...."This great Teacher was a living reminder of the unmanifest potential in all" from the book, 'Voices of Our Ancestors', by Dhyani Ywahoo. Teachings of the Pale One (From 'Voices of our Ancestors', Dhyani Ywahoo) "The religious practices of Native peoples are practices of sacred relationship; they involve prayerful communion with the natural elements and powers, including the Adawiis, those angelic beings who are guardians of the directions, gateways of consciousness; and communal ceremonies based on the cycles of sun and moon and the movements of the stars. " Practice of sacred relationship is practice of good relations with all in the family of life. Thus the Pale One gave seven reminders to the people, that all might recall and honor the unity of the hoop: 1. What walks, swims, flies, or creeps is in relationship; the mountains, streams, and valleys and all things are related to your thought and action. 2. What occurs around you and within you reflects your own mind and shows you the dream you are weaving. 3. Three principles of awakened mind guide enlightened action: will to see the Mystery as it is; intention to manifest one's purpose for the benefit of all; courage to do what must be done. 4. Generosity of heart and action brings peace and abundance for all in the circle. 5. Respect for elders, clan, land, and nation inspires acts in harmony with the sacred law, good caretaking of the gifts received. 6. Action to benefit the land and the people unto seven generations shapes the consciousness of the Planetary Caretaker, dreaming those yet unborn, ever mindful of life's unfolding. 7. To be in good relation, transforming patterns of separation, pacifying conflicting emotions, is to experience the wisdom within, still lake of Mystery. Arising from these teachings are the nine precepts in the Code of Right Relationship: 1. Speak only words of truth. 2. Speak only of the good qualities of others. 3. Be a confidant and carry no tales. 4. Turn aside the veil of anger to release the beauty inherent in all. 5. Waste not the bounty, and want not. 6. Honor the light in all. Compare nothing; see all for its suchness. 7. Respect all life; cut away ignorance from one's own heart. 8. Neither kill nor harbor thoughts of angry nature, which destroy peace like an arrow. 9. Do it now; if you see what needs doing, do it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aryan alien blog...

Not just Europe or Atlantis
but also Sumeria/ Iran, Egypt, China, Japan, Korea, Peru, and even New Zealand plus much more.

just interesting but we may never know.

Atlantis, Lemuria,Hyperborea???

Lemuria entered the lexicon of the Occult through the works of Madame Helena Blavatsky, who claimed in the 1880s to have been shown an ancient, pre-Atlantean Book of Dzyan by the Mahatmas. According to L. Sprague de Camp, Blavatsky was influenced by other writers on the theme of Lost Continents, notably Ignatius L. Donnelly, American cult leader Thomas Lake Harris and the French writer Louis Jacolliot.

Within Blavatsky's complex cosmology, which includes seven "Root Races", Lemuria was occupied by the "Third Root Race", described as about seven foot tall, sexually hermaphroditic, egg-laying, mentally undeveloped and spiritually more pure than the following "Root Races". Before the coming of the Lemurians, the second "Root Race" is said to have dwelled in Hyperborea. After the subsequent creation of mammals, Mme Blavatsky revealed to her readers, some Lemurians turned to bestiality. The gods, aghast at the behavior of these "mindless" men, sank Lemuria into the ocean and created a "Fourth Root Race"—endowed with intellect—on Atlantis.

One of the most elaborate accounts of lost continents was given by the later theosophical author William Scott Elliott. The English theosophist said he received his knowledge from the Theosophical Masters by "astral clairvoyance." In 1896, in "The Story of Atlantis & The Lost Lemuria", he described the continent of Lemuria as stretching from the east coast of Africa across the Indian and the Pacific Oceans.

James Bramwell described Lemuria in his book, Lost Atlantis, as “a continent that occupied a large part of what is now the South Pacific Ocean.”[3] Bramwell described the people of Lemuria in detail and attributed them with being one of the “root-races of humanity.” According to Bramwell, Lemurians are the ascendants of the Atlanteans, who survived the period “of the general racial decadence which affected the Lemurians in the last stages of their evolution.” From “a select division of” the Atlanteans - after their promotion to decadence - Bramwell claims the Aryan race arose. “Lemurians, Atlanteans, and Aryans are root-races of humanity,” according to Bramwell.[4]

James Churchward, another prolific writer on the theme of lost lands, identified Lemuria with Mu.


Nordic Aliens had stuff about European people all over the world,